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The Aces of Improv were started by Nathan Ondracek, a Board Member and the Performance Director of CAC Studios, back in 2015. Since then, the team has practiced on a weekly basis to keep on their toes and constantly be learning and growing as a team. In terms of shows, they have had packed houses throughout. While performing at their space in Santa Monica, The Aces average 50 audience members per show, and when the show was taken to the Three Clubs in Hollywood, the number spiked to a packed crowd of 80. Audiences have had a blast participating in the 52 Pick Up format designed by Nathan, which has them pick the lineup of the show as they walk through the door and then offers even more chances to chime in throughout the night! And now, with many people asking about the process and how they can get involved, the answer is here! The Aces of Improv are now offering classes!


Come join the fun as Nathan, The Ace of Hearts, uses his years of training to guide you through a creative, safe environment as you grow in the improvisational arts! Classes will touch on the importance of listening, character work, connection with your performers, and so much more as students are taught the short-form game style of improv. Nathan’s classes are fast paced and energetic, while leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion on developing improv skills so that you feel fully engaged with the process and walk away having learned a great deal!


Our improv focus is mainly on Short Form Improvisation and the ability to quickly construct a scene and character. However, we also have a number of more advanced Long Form games that we practice and perform, which help train a performer for proper entrances and exits, as well as building even more depth to relationships. The other kicker? The Aces of Improv practice a number of musical improv games with live music that is constantly changing and fun! You could wind up singing a great solo, performing an opera with your teammates, or creating the next smash hit with the whole group! Every class is different, but the learning is never-ending!


Our classes are meant to prepare people to be on stage! Luckily, at CAC Studios, there are MANY opportunities for just that! Once you have begun your training process, you will be groomed to take part in our 52 Pick Up Improv Shows. It might not happen right away, but as you grow and mature in the improvisational arts, you will be given opportunities when you are ready to show your family and friends what you do!


Improv Classes and Programs


Not sure you have the time for a class once a week for EVERY week of the year? That’s ok! Buy classes one at a time for $25 each with our Single Class Package! You will get a 3 hour practice (including a break in the middle) and are welcome back any time! Don’t forget though, you are allowed ONE FREE AUDIT before the time comes to commit! And remember, if you refer a friend, make sure they mention your name and get $10 off your next single class purchase, or $25 off a Month of Classes Package that will get you a chance at joining the Aces on stage! Just click here to buy your single class and then come join the fun!


Ready to take your learning to the next level and work your way to being on stage with the Aces? Pick up the Month of Classes Package for just $75 and get ready to have a blast learning new games and techniques every week! Don’t forget though, you are allowed ONE FREE AUDIT before the time comes to commit! And, if you refer a friend, remember to mention that and get $25 off your next month, or $10 off a Single Class Package! Just click here to buy your month of classes and then come join the fun!


If you’ve never done improv before, or if you have taken classes and are wondering if this is a good fit for you, then feel free to swing on by and watch the teaching and learning process! You will be asked to sign in as a visitor, and then sit back and relax as you laugh and learn from those practicing! And, if you think you may have learned a lot and want to try your hand, you can come in and use your ONE FREE AUDIT to take part in the practice!


Nathan Ondracek has been performing Improvisational Comedy since 2008. He has studied and performed both short form and long form, with performance venues including The Comedy Store and The Hollywood Improv. Nathan has been coached by a number of teachers at the LA Connection Comedy Theater, as well as private team lessons from Drew Droege (of Groundlings) and Rob Janas (Second City). His work in CAC Studios shows, as well as his time with Creating Arts Company, earned him a place as Performance Director within the company, where he has been training company members in Improvisational Arts. He can be seen as Master of the House in the studios’ Les Mis Cabaret spoof, “Thénardier’s Inn”, as well as Mark Cohen in their production of “ChicabaRENT”. Both roles lend great improvisational moments that play directly to the audience and change with each show. The recent development of the Aces of Improv and the “52 Pick Up Improv” format has allowed Nathan to once again lead an improv group as well. While attending college, Nathan was a captain for the Joyous Chaos improv group for 3½ years and performed with them for 4 years. The team put on 6 shows per school year for both students and the community, and averaged 300 people per show. He also performed with the Level Five group Split Decision for over 2 years while working at the LA Connection Comedy Theater.

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