Raising awareness and funds for abuse and neglect

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Janies Fund

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As an advocate of outreach CAC Studios is proud to offer many programs to give back to our patrons and community. Our children’s division educates and inspires by taking shows to schools, the military, hospitals and communities. Our adult division helps raise awareness and funds for different programs to help empower women and men by educating and inspiring. Our Current show Project Mayhem is the perfect platform to raise awareness and educate the community on mental illness, abuse and the cycle.

CAC Studios is proud to be raising money and awareness for girls who have suffered abuse and neglect. We believe that the cycle of abuse ends with education and programs for young victims. A staggering 1 in 5 girls experience rape or sexual trauma before the age of 18 and without proper education and trauma support these young girls will be more likely to grow up and choose abusive partners. This abuse and cycle must stop. We will be donating to a fund that is dedicated to this subject, Janie’s Fund.

Proceeds of every pin you purchase will be donated to Janie’s Fund, a new philanthropic initiative created by rock legend Steven Tyler in partnership with Youth Villages. Donate to Janie’s Fund directly or purchase a Project Mayhem special button and proceeds will be donated by CAC Studios. Empower our young girls to ensure strong women of our future.

Janies Fund


Janie’s Fund is a philanthropic initiative created by rock legend Steven Tyler,  in partnership with one of America’s most effective nonprofits, Youth Villages, to bring hope and healing for many of our country’s most vulnerable girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect. Janie’s Fund was created with two important goals in mind: 

  • Bring much-needed awareness to the issue of abuse and neglect of children in our country. We’d like to create an army of voices for this important issue that often gets overlooked and is hard for people to talk about. It’s far too often considered a taboo subject.
  • Generate much-needed financial support to ensure that girls receive the most effective support available to help them overcome the trauma and pain of abuse.